The Backlash in a Nutshell

The post-Ben Bernanke slugfest. Yahoo News's summary:

Excerpt: "The Obama administration has a money problem.

More specifically, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew is under attack for announcing that the U.S. Treasury will change the $10 bill in order to add a woman’s portrait to the currency.

The scathing critiques, from former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke to the USA Today editorial board and leading historians, have come after Lew’s decision to demote Alexander Hamilton, the nation’s first Treasury secretary, from his prominent position on the face of the $10 bill." Read more here.


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Ben Bernanke Blasts Treasury

From former Fed chairman Ben Bernanke's personal blog, a cry that echoed from Wall Street to Washington:

Excerpt: "I must admit I was appalled to hear of Treasury Secretary Jack Lew's decision last week to demote Alexander Hamilton from his featured position on the ten dollar bill. My reaction has been widely shared..." Continue reading  

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Historic, But Not Perfect

USA Today spreads the word about #theNew10 not #theNew20

Excerpt: "What they got was not quite what they wanted, but no less historic: A yet-to-be-named woman will appear on the $10 bill — not in place of Alexander Hamilton but perhaps beside him.

That's progress, said the Women on 20s campaign, an online activist group that sprung up last year. But it's 'not perfect.' " Read the full article

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