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Representation and accessibility on our United States Currency

Saturday, February 27

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Featuring: Jeff Lovitky and Women on 20s Founder, Barbara Ortiz Howard

Jeff Lovitky works primarily in the area of health law and government procurement law. He also works in the area of disability rights. In 2002, he filed suit on behalf of the American Council of the Blind (ACB), alleging that the design of paper currency violated the rights of the visually impaired.This suit culminated in an injunction against the U.S. government, requiring that the next redesign of currency be made accessible to the blind and visually impaired.

For the Love of Money

Tuesday, February 16

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Featuring: Dr. Harcourt Fuller and Women on 20s Founder, Barbara Ortiz Howard

Dr. Harcourt Fuller is a Fulbright Global Scholar and creator of the Black Money Exhibit, a multi-media, traveling museum exhibit featuring money trees, books, clothing, and music. The exhibit’s hundreds of banknotes, depict Black, African, and African Diaspora history and cultures, and talks about what money tells us about ourselves and the significance of those stories.

Barbara Ortiz Howard is a dynamo who hatched this ambitious campaign. Most days start out for Barbara on a scaffold, inspecting building facades, balconies and roofs or overseeing operations for the exterior restoration company she started almost 30 years ago in the New York City area. Undeterred by the challenges of being a woman executive in a male-dominated field, Barbara enjoys her mission of taking care of people and their buildings. With the Women On 20s campaign, she aims, again, to literally raise the profile of a woman in a male-dominated field.


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