CNN Op-Ed: 14 Year Wait Too Long for Women On $20s


By Susan Ades Stone and Barbara Ortiz Howard

Here at Women On 20s, an organization we formed to advocate for putting a woman on the $20 bill, the messages of congratulations have been coming in at a fast clip. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew, according to news reports, will soon announce plans to leave Alexander Hamilton on the front of the $10 bill and put a woman's portrait on the face of the $20, booting Andrew Jackson instead.

But we aren't celebrating yet.

In those same news reports, government sources reveal that we won't be seeing that $20 with a female portrait in circulation until 2030 or beyond. Yes, that's more than 14 years. As usual, women are being asked to wait, and wait. It's a wait we're not willing to endure; we should be well beyond having to beg for something that should have happened a long time ago.

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