• commented 2016-01-07 15:01:34 -0500
    When I was in high school some of us got to spend an afternoon with Rosa Parks, she was a bright, vibrant woman. so it would be nice to see her portrayed as such.
    Also I believe Katherine Stinson is more than worthy of consideration.
  • commented 2015-11-06 08:18:10 -0500
    Harriet Tubman? Really? Bringing in the face of slavery is a contribution keeping segregation alive….. are you people really that naïve? Personally I think that is a mistake if that is the person chosen, as racism is still all to alive even today! She would be good for a $1 coin. The female face for the twenty should be Sacagewea, and there are a couple of good reasons why. Not only was she the first female to really make a historical contribution to this country and the geographical boundaries we are all familiar with today, but it also honors the Native Americans who were evicted from the southeast by Jackson