How a Small Nonprofit Launched a Massive Movement to See Abolitionist Harriet Tubman Represented on the $20 Bill

The massive movement launched by Barbara Ortiz Howard to see abolitionist Harriet Tubmen to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill is still top mind awareness around the country. Active voting may be over but that hasn't stopped media from covering important movements started by inspirational individuals. In a recently updated article on, author Matt Walker discusses the incredible journey and the movement's future.

As per an excerpt from the article:

According to the Women On 20s website, a new portrait on the $20 bill will symbolize greater change to come, including making the history of women who forged their own paths as well-known as that of their male counterparts.

“In the process, maybe it will get a little easier to see the way to full political, social, and economic equality for women,” according to the website.

Howard said another motivating factor in selecting the $20 bill is that Andrew Jackson, the seventh U.S. president, represents an era where many values were wrong and are particularly inappropriate to hold up in modern times.


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  • Francesca Larson
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